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is the cryptocurrency of the shopping world.

We will unite the world of online shopping with cryptocurrencies.

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The total supply of Cocker is 1 billion units and will be burned every month. Support burns with a portion of #COC Market earnings.


A portion of the revenues of the Coinwars platform will be burned with #COC


As Cocker founders, we have never hidden our identities from you. We will always advance our project in a transparent and fair manner.

  1. Coc was born

    June 15th, 2021

    Cocker was launched by Cengiz Zarali today to achieve her goals in the crypto world. We will unite the world of online shopping with cryptocurrencies, the team is completely transparent and takes care to get the ideas of the investor.

  2. Pancakeswap

    October 2th, 2021

    Coc added liquidity on pancakeswap today, allowing investors to buy and sell coc. The COC team, which secured the investors by locking the liquidity, preferred to carry out all the necessary transactions in front of the investor in order to advance the whole process in a transparent manner.

  3. %10 Burned

    October 3th, 2021

    The Coc team started reducing supply by burning 100 million COC at the start of the project. The team, which will burn 200 million more COC until the 4th quarter of 2022, aims to keep 700 million COC in the market in total, so that the COC will become more valuable over time.

  4. Airdrop

    Ocotober 8th, 2021

    1.000 COC was given to 200 people who performed the tasks we gave on Twitter. Thank you very much to everyone who participated.

  5. Advertisement

    October 15th, 2021

    COC started a collaboration with twitter influencers today and averaged 20x from the starting price to reach the top of 0.01. We want you to know that this is just a small study.

  6. Twitter

    October 2021

    Our Twitter account has reached 6860 followers. We are now a big family. Telegram community Turkey group reached 1558 people Our global group reached 2116 people. This is our success. We will announce our project to the whole world.

  7. Coingecko

    October 15st, 2021

    Our project has reached up to 674 holders. We saw that the 24-hour trading volume had reached $300000 and we thought it was time to apply for coinecko. Our application for Coingecko has been made and we are eagerly awaiting the results with you.

  8. Coinmarketcap

    November 2021

    Our team has not yet applied for coinmarketcap, we want you to know that we are waiting for the right time.

  9. Coinwars

    November 01th, 2022

    coinwars is a coin listing and voting platform. Coc team will enable hundreds of thousands of people to see COC ads thanks to the coinwars platform. The COC project will be advertised with funding from projects that want to advertise on the Coinwars platform.

  10. #COC Market

    January 15th, 2022

    Cockermarket has signed 12 store deals and when it reaches 50 store deals, it will actively start its sales with big advertisements.

  11. Listing

    January 15th, 2022

    Dear partners, we want you to know that we have received many exchange offers, but before we consider them, we as a team think that an early listing will not be good for the COC. We should be a bigger family people should learn what is COC what is its purpose and they should be excited to get COC when new stock market comes so you can be sure that we will give you Big exchange news when we become a big family.

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#COC Market

With the #COC market, the crypto world will be able to experience true financial freedom. In the current system, you need an intermediary institution to get your money, this will end with the #COC market, imagine a platform where you can buy and sell the product you want in every category in every field you can think of. For example, you have a second-hand headset and you can convert it to crypto currency. The #COC market, which can be used by the whole world, will be at your service very soon. Our software team works hard to provide you with a perfect system. We are presenting you the infrastructure of a system that is produced with COINWARS in this journey that we gradually climb the steps of success. #COC will be burned with some of the revenues we will generate with Coinwars. Coinwars will allow you to watch the analysis of the newly released coins, see the comments of the investors and see the effects of these newly released coins on people. A project must pass 500 votes to be listed on the Coinwars platform. We would like to thank our investors who preferred us "Together we will succeed."

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Advance Features

Pay with COC

You will be able to do your shopping with coccard from all platforms and points that we have a contract with Cocker Card.

COC Card

You will be able to pay at a discount at points agreed with Cockercard.

Market Burn

With the revenues of #COC Market, the coc that will be burned continuously will gain value.


#COC Market will support stray animals (food needs at the treatment bar) and Students (BURS) with some of its revenues.

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appmyil mobile
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COC Creative Design

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Meet The Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

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COCKER has a billion supplies at initiation

Anyone can sell and buy products on the platform.

180 million COC will be burned.

Some of the company revenues will be used in social responsibility projects, and some will be used in the burning and promotion of COCKER.

#COC Market will open to the whole world.